Diva Treatment (for children 12 and under)
Little Diva Manicure 30 Minutes - $24
Little Diva Pedicure 30 Minutes - $34
Little Diva Facial 30 Minutes - $45
Mini Makeup Application 15 Minutes - $20
Diva for the Day 120 Minutes - $115
Ear Piercing
Single-Gun $33
Double-Gun $40
Price includes the Piercing, Studs & Cleaning Solution
Before the Piercing:
Choose which colour jewellery you want. For babies and children, we recommend mini-studs. For children bring a distraction for your child. We suggest a lolly, favourite toy, or simply a nice treat for after the service. Fill in the paperwork. Your therapist will place dots on the ears so that you can agree on the location of the ear piercing.
After the Piercing:
Follow your home care instructions and the instructions on the cleaning solution. Spray cleaning solution on both the front and back of the ear over the piercing two to three times a day for two weeks. Gently rotate the piercing while your child is having a bath or shower.